fromNotion Privacy Policy

March 2021

Privacy is a fundamental human right. We will uphold the privacy of our users by fighting against ads, trackers and other impingements on privacy. We will never profit by monetizing your data but instead seek to fulfill our company mission by delivering a great product & service.

Our commitment to privacy and data protection is reflected in this Privacy Statement which describes how we collect and process “personal information” that identifies you, like your name or email address. Any other information besides this is "non-personal information." If we store personal information with non-personal information, we’ll consider that combination to be personal information. Only if we remove all personal information from a set of data would we consider the remainder non-personal information.

Information Gathering & Use

fromNotion strives to continually improve our service for our users. To that end, we learn information about you when:

We use your information only as you’ve permitted and in service of bettering your user experience.

Information Sharing

We share information about you:

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