The Cloudflare free plan covers basic DDoS protection, increases your website loading speed and grants you an eternal SSL certificate.

To set it up, sign up the Cloudflare free plan and log in.

  1. Hit "Add website":

  2. Enter your domain e.g.

  3. Choose the free plan and hit "Continue". Follow the steps they ask you to do to set up the domain.

  4. Add 2 A-type DNS records: for @ and www :

    Root domains (like @) are standard domains that have a name followed by the extensions such as .com

    These require you to make an A record. An A record is a record in these Domain Name Servers that links or maps a domain directly to its corresponding IP address.

    SubDomains (like www) are names that have two names separated by a dot before the extension.

    A lot of times with SubDomains you are required to create a CName record but with fromNotion, you still create an A record. This time you need to add the first part of the domain (the subpart) under Name/Host.

    You can find the data that you should enter in the fromNotion app Setup under Domain.

    It will look something like this 👇

    Add a new record in your Cloudflare that has a type A. Copy the IP number from the fromNotion app by clicking the clipboard and then paste it as the value for the row. Ignore TTL. It isn't necessary.

    Save the record and you should be all set! It can take a little bit of time for your DNS to complete the setup to be pointed to fromNotion.

  5. Set the SSL to Flexible:

  6. Create the "Always use HTTPS" page rule:

    That's it!

    Let us know if you have any more questions.

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